School of Science "I Can Solve It" Activity Successfully Concludes First Round

Recently, the School of Science held a defense activity for the first round of "I Can Solve It" in the Academic Report Hall 311 of Building 4. After the joint review of teachers, students and public judges, six first prizes, eight second prizes and nine third prizes were awarded. The successful holding of this defense activity marks the successful completion of the first list of "I Can Solve It" activities in the School of Science.

In April 2022, the School of Science launched the "I Can Solve It" activity to implement the "Capability and Style Construction Year" and "Classroom Teaching Quality Improvement Year Special Action" of our university in 2022. The first round includes two themes: "How Deep is the Water in Qi Lake" and "Measuring the Quality of the Earth". Students were required to design and implement experimental plans independently and write experimental reports independently. The activity received 97 works from all majors in the University. After the initial review of the works by the "I Can Solve It" working group, 23 A-level, 50 B-level and 24 C-level works were selected. In accordance with the principle of "selecting the best from the best and highlighting excellence", on September 29, 2022, the School of Science held an on-site defense for all students who obtained A-level. Through this "I Can Solve It" activity, students' scientific literacy and innovation ability were effectively cultivated, the value-added effect of classroom teaching was improved, and a research-oriented teaching atmosphere was created in the University.

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